more than homes

Throughout St. Louis, we've seen renovations bring tears, and a coat of paint brighten more than a room. Block by block, we're restoring the homes of neighbors in need, but we're rebuilding so much more.


A single day in May has changed thousands of lives in St. Louis. For over 20 years, Rebuilding Day has given volunteers a chance to lend a hand to homeowners who wouldn't otherwise have a safe and comfortable home.


We believe that fixing homes and restoring public facilities are the most effective ways to impact an entire community. Through the efforts of our volunteers, every $1 donated becomes $4 of value. So when you give to one of our projects, your contribution grows into more than just a repaired roof or a restored park. You're helping entire neighborhoods.


A neighborhood isn't made of houses and streets. A neighborhood is people. Across St. Louis, age, disability and a lack of resources can erode communities as houses fall into disrepair and force our neighbors out of the places they call home.

See volunteers help rebuild the home
where Euple raised her family