Behind Every Front Door is a Neighbor with a Story

Many of the neighbors who connect with Rebuilding Together are veterans, and serving veterans has always been a priority for Rebuilding Together St. Louis.  For example, on Veterans Day, we partnered with Home Depot to repair homes for four veterans – and even a little snow couldn’t stop the work.  Over the years, Home Depot has helped nearly 200 veterans through their partnership with RTSTL!

Sgt. Harry McClure

A veteran who shared his story with us this year was Sgt. Harry McClure. Sgt. McClure is an Army veteran and like many vets, he values his independence. His home though, was badly in need of a new roof, and he couldn’t afford the cost on his fixed income. When it stormed he worried that the roof would give way and make his home unlivable. Somewhat reluctantly, Sgt. McClure agreed to let Rebuilding Together help, and we got right to work. Now, the “old girl” as he fondly referred to his home, has that new roof, as well as a new furnace/air conditioning unit, water heater and electrical panel. These upgrades that will allow the Sergeant to remain in his home for years to come.

Harry found it hard to believe that strangers would come together to thank him for his service in this most practical way so he created a list to remind himself of the impact RTSTL made on his life.

You can help more veterans like Sgt. McClure and other homeowners in need by contributing to our Behind Every Front Door campaign today. 

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