Volunteers improve home safety and accessibility for older adults.

Safe and healthy housing

Our Safe and Healthy Housing practice model is the foundation of our home repair and modification work

The work of Rebuilding Together has been proven to improve physical and mental health for homeowners, reduce falls, and help older adults maintain independence. Our model is based on 25 safe and healthy housing priorities that help us focus our work on projects that will make the biggest impact for homeowners and communities.

Services provided

Services vary by home, with repairs and modifications determined by the condition of the home, the individual needs of each homeowner, and available resources. This work is often completed by volunteers under the supervision of staff or experienced volunteer house captains.

Typical Repairs

Decisions for each house are made with the homeowner based on priorities, volunteer resources, and available funding. Some of the most common work completed includes:

  • Doors
    • Lock and door knob replacement
    • Secure opening and closing
  • Fire Safety
    • Installation of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Minor Plumbing
    • Replace broken faucets
    • Repair minor pipe or toilet leaks
  • Bathroom Accessibility Modifications
    • Install grab bars
    • Install ADA toilet
  • Kitchen Sink Accessibility
  • Stair Safety
    • Install or repair light fixtures and switches
    • Replace or repair handrails
    • Step repairs
  • Minor Electrical
    • Repair or replace lights, fans, outlets or switches
  • Home Entrance/Exit Safety
    • Wheelchair ramp installation or repair
    • Porch repair
  • Outside
    • Fence/gate repairs
    • Lighting improvements
    • Minor landscaping cleanup
  • Comfort
    • Minor heating and air conditioning repairs


Larger Projects

When funding and/or skilled volunteer resources are available, some homes qualify for more in-depth projects such as:

  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Concrete work
  • Major plumbing or electrical work
  • HVAC repairs or replacement
  • Window or door updates
  • Siding replacement
  • Tuckpointing


Typically Unavailable

Generally we do not provide the following services:

  • Emergency repair work/disaster recovery services
  • Home remodeling
  • Tree removal
  • Trash/basement cleanout
  • Extensive yard or lot cleanup
  • Ongoing yard work/maintenance
  • Installation of appliances
  • Repair of fire damage
  • Driveway repair/replacement
  • Mold remediation
  • Trailer or modular home repairs
  • Structural or foundation repairs
  • General home redecorating

 Am I Eligible for Services?

Rebuilding Together St. Louis provides services to eligible applicants based on availability of funding and volunteer resources.  To find out if you might qualify for Rebuilding Together St. Louis' services, you can learn more about eligibility here.